After redesigning the content pages, as well as adding a Feedback form (please tell us how can we improve Rankpanel or how much you like the changes!) we’re finally setting our sight on the app. Today we’re releasing new tables, a new help section, and laying the groundwork for something very special.

Error Background

First, though, let me provide a little background on why we had these problems in the beginning of this week. Last week we changed our data holding period to 3 years in order to provide you with more historic data as we grow older. Because we’re using quite new technologies that are not yet stable and tested in all instances, some things happened that forced us to scrap a lot of last week’s data :( Rest assured, everything has been fixed by now and we’ve learned a lot from that.


Today we’re rolling out a large update. You should find yourself delighted from many things that will make Rankpanel easier and faster to use.

One thing we are putting a lot of thought into is to display information in the most accessible way. After reworking the graphs we have completely overhauled the tables. Our beautiful new tables have a higher contrast making them more readable. We’re also using colors to emphasize on which row you focus and better graphics. The new tables should make the site much more coherent as well. What do you think?

Another thing that bugged us was the calendar. Selecting dates was not as easy as it should have been. We have fixed that now :)

To be finished with the content pages we’ve also redone the whole help section. Have a look at our new help section. All your questions should be answered by our Sun-Tsu-Help master. And in case any questions remain, please contact us via our new contact form.

Of course we’ve also used the time to fix many things in the machine room.

One more thing :)
If everything works out, you should be able to export data from Rankpanel next week. How about that?